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Facilitating Meaningful

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(they / them / their)

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Professional Background




SUNY Binghamton University

Ph.D. Student

Community Research & Action


University of Vermont - M.Ed.

Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration

College of the Holy Cross - B.A.

Classics, Art History, Italian

I believe meaningful and transformational change happens through the intentional practice of ongoing action and reflection - praxis.

I am a teacher and a learner, a scholar-practitioner.

As a consultant, I facilitate spaces where teams and individuals can practice vulnerability to understand more about themselves and others, opening doors for communication across difference. During these courageous sessions, I provide high support and control in order to lead and learn with clients, rather than to or for them.

I have worked for almost a decade in Higher Education with a focus on holistic identity development, critical and contemplative pedagogies, Restorative Practices (RP), care and crisis support, residential education, curriculum development, faculty/staff partnerships, and learning outcomes-based assessment.

As a Social Justice educator and Restorative practitioner, I am committed to doing my own ongoing self-work, showing up as a White male-bodied person in the fields of diversity and equity education, and unpacking Whiteness and oppressive systems within myself and society in order to make change. How will you create change today?

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In-Depth Trainings,
Custom Workshops + More



Hear what other clients, students, and community partners have to say...

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Director, Community Impact, United Way of Massachusetts Bay
and Merrimack Valley

Jeff did an incredible job leading our team through the process of reflecting on our diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging journey as a team. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge on both the topics of DEIB and also facilitation. Our group benefited greatly from the small and large group engagement opportunities and the opportunity to learn from Jeff’s impressive content knowledge as well as their experience as a seasoned virtual facilitator.

saint louis public schools logo with arch and wave - our city - our schools since 1838

Teacher, Stix Early Childhood Center,
Saint Louis Public Schools

Stix Early Childhood Center,

I worked with Jeff for two years during my undergraduate experience. They coached me in using Restorative Practices, specifically community building in a higher education and school settings. Jeff provided me with skills and practices that I could use even at the early childhood level. I attribute my own confidence and success in using RP with both students and staff to the work that they modeled. I continue to seek Jeff out as a highly skilled facilitator and coach.

logo of two bread loaves and two fishes

Volunteer Coordinator,
Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County.

Jeff facilitates circle discussions at the Tompkins County Public Library, providing Restorative Practice education and training. Their guided sessions create a welcoming space which helps me to examine my experiences, speak authentically, and listen with more intention to better understand the experiences of others. Their work is helping to reduce harm in our community by encouraging reflection and connection.

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