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Please explore the various services below that I hope to provide you and your team. Many of these training and workshop options center around building and sustaining inclusive communities by utilizing Restorative frameworks. Learn more about my working definitions of Restorative Practices by visiting the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP).

The selection of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion trainings and workshops begin by exploring self and identity, then expanding outward to the group through team building, resulting in skill development for transformational change. The concepts of contemplative practices and critical pedagogy highly influence my working definitions and frameworks.

Multi-Day Training

Custom Workshops

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Developing a Restorative Mindset from Circles to Conferences 

Two 2-day training programs to understand the basics of Restorative Practices and learn facilitation skills for engaging with students/clients and staff teams.

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Restorative Community Building: From Proactive to Responsive

Customized 2-2.5-hour (minimum) Restorative Practices trainings based on your organizational goals and desired skill development.

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Developing a Restorative Organizational Culture

Ongoing coaching with organizational leaders to develop a strategic plan for implementing Restorative Practices and "leading with."

Restorative Conference Referral

Restorative Justice Conferencing is a voluntary process offered as an alternative to the traditional justice system that allows for community derived solutions, and opportunities to repair harm. As a trained RJ Conference facilitator, Jeff can serve as a third-party to guide participants through a process where they may share thoughts and feelings, impacts, accountability, and desires to make things right. Use the form below to submit a referral and to share contact information for participants and their relation to the harm that occurred.

Organizational Leadership

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Foundations of Identity and Understanding 


A 2-day training that begins with understanding ourselves and moves outwards to learn from our teams in the context of society.

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Contemplation in Action: Forming Teams for Social Change

Customized 2-2.5-hour (minimum) guided facilitation to explore topics of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion using contemplative practices.

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Residential Education, Learning Communities and Assessment

Ongoing higher education consulting with housing and residence life leaders to transform their approach to residential education.

Still not sure which option is best for you?

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